Zukiswa’s Story

Achieving Dreams Through SEF

Mrs Zukiswa Hobongwana from Pholas village near a small town called Elliot in the Eastern Cape is a member of a group called Zidlekhaya under Pholas1 Centre in Xalanga Branch in Chris Hani Zone. She joined SEF in 2014 taking a loan of R2000 which she paid off in 8 Fortnights without facing any difficulties. She is now on loan cycle 9 with a current loan amount of R12 000, and she aspires to reach the maximum loan amount of R25 000. She sells chicken meat and also buys wool to knit scarves, jerseys and woollen caps that she sells to her customers around neighbouring villages and in town.

Her main reason for joining SEF was to assist her in supporting her 3 kids. She mentioned that her husband constantly praises her for the hard work she puts into her businesses, which has allowed her to do so much for her family. She moreover stated that his wish is for men to be allowed to participate in SEF’s activities so that her husband can leave his job to start his own business, but that her husband nevertheless, admires SEF for what it does for poor families across the country.

Mrs Hobongwana is thankful to SEF, especially to Dumisani Gangalala (who is now a BM), for he continuously motivated her and her centre members to save. As a result, she has managed to extend her two roomed house into a 5-roomed house, and she proudly pointed out that her house is on the main road where everyone who passes by can see it clearly. Recently, she witnessed some people taking photos of her house and expressed how excited she was to see that.

She now plans to furnish her house with couches, a refrigerator and microwave. “I know I can manage to save even more than the 2% that the DF encourages us to save, and I am planning to save a minimum of R500 per fortnight in order to increase my savings so that I can buy all these items in cash,” she expressed. She further declared how blessed she feels to have a DF who encourages her to save more in order to reach her goals.

Thinking back to when her former DF encouraged her to join SEF, she remembers how doubtful she was about the organisation, but that regardless, she was determined to take a risk in order to reap success.

In expressing her gratitude, she thanked SEF for everything, and shared her wishes to firstly achieve her dreams through SEF, and secondly, that every member of SEF understand SEF the way that she does, because it hurts her to see women leave SEF with their dreams still hanging.

Like Johana, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

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