Zodwa’s Story

Zodwa Magagula, a self-made female farmer at Malelane branch in Uhlelo Region, is a member of Ziyas group at Mangweni centre. Zodwa is a proud mother of seven children and two grandchildren. Zodwa had a dream to start her own farming business as a means of generating income for her family. With the support of her family, in the year 2000 Zodwa got a piece of land and started farming cotton. It was three years back in 2015 when she got introduced to SEF. She joined the program and is currently on loan cycle seven. SEF was the financial booster that she needed to run and grow her business. “SEF helped a lot, it was difficult to get funding to run the farm and SEF came to my rescue. I am comforted to know that I have access to funding, which I would not have had access to from any other bank,” Zodwa said.

It was after a few years of running and managing the cotton farm that Zodwa then decided to expand and diversify her business by growing vegetables as well. She is growing a variety of vegetables successfully: cabbage, pepper, tomatoes and green peppers. Zodwa is an ambitious business woman who is always on the lookout for opportunities to grow her business. She is currently planning to add poultry farming to grow and sell chicken as well.

Zodwa is a proud employer of six employees: five farm workers and one security guard. She is supplying her products to the Johannesburg market and hoping to supply the Polokwane market in the near future. With the support of her family, community and local markets, she has been able to grow from strength to strength.

It is women like Zodwa who make us proud; committed and motivated to continue the fight to alleviate poverty. Women like her assist us in making our mission a reality by empowering their community members. With their hard work and commitment to running and maintaining successful businesses we are making good progress!

Like Zodwa, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

Are you as passionate as we are about micro-enterprise development? We're always looking to grow our team.