Thobile Story

Thobile Mudau joined SEF in June 2017 at Tanganani centre. At that time, her dream was to expand her sewing business, but unfortunately she did not have the start-up capital to do it. This inspired her to become a SEF’s client, and she started off by taking a loan of R2500, which boosted her business. She started making school uniforms and wedding attires among other things. Currently, Thobile is on loan cycle number 8 and is taking a loan of R25000; every loan cycle she has been taking a higher loan amount to invest in her business.The COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected her sewing business and made her switch over to chicken farming, as she explains. “I used to complain about the COVID-19 problem, until I realised I was complaining to the wrong persons. So, I decided to replace complaining with trying new things that could fit into our ‘new normal’, because I believe that the little money I can make in that way, makes a difference” says Thobile.

The Branch Manager of the area, Sonia Ngobeni, keeps motivating clients during centre meeting visits. She encourages them to stop wasting time complaining about difficulties and go on creating the life they truly desire.

Patience Mudau, who is the Development Facilitator, mentioned “It was so motivating to see Thobile withdraw R18000 last December. I do not even have this amount in my bank account. She is teaching me to save.

Now I believe that SEF does not call the qualified but qualifies those who are called. Let us not forget the way SEF has supported us over the past years” concluded Patience.

Like Thobile, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

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