Nomphumzile Story

This is 45 years old Nophumzile Bazeleni of Masincedane group under Kwakhanya Centre which is one of the biggest centre with eighteen groups in Xhorha under area 5C. Nophumzile joined SEF back in 2010 when the minimum loan size was still R1000.

She has since received multiple awards for being the best Centre Treasury for the centre.

“When late Mrs Mona heard about SEF from a nearby village she came to me and explained how SEF works. She told me when she heard about SEF, I immediately crossed her mind because I have always been a business minded person”, Nomphumzile explained her first time hearing about SEF. “After she explained this to me, we started looking for people in the village who were interested to join SEF and requested mapping to be done”, she explained.

“SEF have not only helped me to improve my life but with SEF I was able to enlarge my business and employ one assistant, whom I have also advised to join SEF. Electrical appliances such as microwaves, plasma televisions and yard fencing were the things that only wealthy neighbours had but with SEF I now possess them and I am also able to send my children to school. I am also thankful to SEF for introducing something called saving and goal card to us because now each and every year I am able to buy something for my house. It is surprising how one is able to put aside a portion of money which is something we never thought of before joining SEF. I take SEF as part of my life; it is part of my daily routine” she concluded.

Like Nomphumzile, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

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