Nolusapho’s Story

Nolusapho Ratazayo of Xhora Branch, joined SEF back in 2008 and was a member of Lithalethu Centre. When the centre was not performing well, her DF at the time, Thembisa, decided to close the centre, but because she saw that Mrs Ratazayo really loved SEF, she motivated her to continue in another centre in another village. Nolusapho heeded the advice and joined in a neighbouring village called Gangxo. After 2 years of enduring the long distance travel between her home and the village where the centre was, she approached the new Branch Manager and convinced her to re-open their original centre in her village. The centre was successfully re-opened much to Nolusapho’s delight.

She proudly won the ‘Best Saver’ award for 3 consecutive years and has been taken the maximum loan size allowed until recently. She now has a loan of R25000 and has expressed a lot of interest in the Larger Loan Program. Her absolute favourite SEF activity is saving; “SEF has helped me to save money, which was a challenge to me. These savings are helping in the smooth running of my businesses” she shared. After centre meetings, you will more often than not find her motivating other clients, as she is the Chairperson of the centre.

She is involved in various businesses, from public transportation, selling livestock, clothes and blankets to recycled goods. “SEF helped me to send my children to school, extend my house and expand my businesses. I wish I can be part of these Larger Loan Program so that I can expand my business further” she added. Even her daughters-in-law are now SEF clients because they see just how much it has helped their mother-in-law and have many times heard how highly she recommends it. In talking about her transportation business, she happily added that her sons are no longer feeling the effects of unemployment, since “SEF has helped in finding employment for my sons, because they are the ones who are driving my vans.”
“SEF is my second husband, only death can do us part”, she giggled.

Like Nolusapho, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

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