Moni Story


Bertha Moni is a young single mother of three from Mabatstaat. She joined SEF in 2013 and her first loan was R1000 which she used to start a small business selling snacks and sweets at a local school. Her goal was to assist to bring extra income in their household. She was motivated by her mother-in-law (who was running a spaza shop) to join SEF, moreover she was inspired by how her mother-in-law was able to achieve her goals through her savings. She was determined to change her life for the better.

In 2018 she relocated to Lekgalong outside Rustenburg with her children. It was difficult to make ends meets because she was not working and did not have funds to start a business. Moni always had passion for business. She knew then that she had to start looking around for SEF as she knew it was her only hope to get back to business. She had to start with a loan of R2000 in Lekgalong centre because she had dropped for more than 2 years.

Moni had not looked back since; her business grew from strength to strength selling live chicken and vegetables. In 2020 she enrolled in a short course in glass work and did practical work at Reliance Glass work where she worked for 2years before opening her own company of Aluminium and Glass Work in her yard. Her business is doing well and currently she is having two employees who work with her to support their families.

Moni is also big in agriculture, in 2021 she used her loan to buy a land in Lekgalong which she uses to plant vegetables which she sells in local shops and around the village. Moni had created jobs for 6 employees who work in the garden to support their families. She is grateful that her life had changed for the better ever since she joined SEF because she is able to take better care of her children, build her family a house and bought a car for her business.

Moni encourages all women to seek financial freedom by working hard because when a woman is financially independent, she has the ability to live life on her own.

Like Paris, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

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