Mkhabele’s Story

Ms PH Mkhabele from Thuthukani Group, in Emsagweni, is a proud SEF client who has been with SEF since its inception at Emalahleni Branch in Witbank. She was one of the first members who joined the programme when it first started in the midyear of 2015. She took part in the whole PWR process. Ms Mkhabele has currently taken a loan of R15000 within a 10 months loan-term and says that she has never had any problems paying back her SEF loans from the time she joined the organisation. She joined SEF because she saw an opportunity to grow her business which she had at that time and to establish many other businesses which she had always wished to do but could not due to poor finances. Before she joined SEF she only had a small business. Since joining SEF as a client, she runs various businesses like selling winter jackets, chillies, and renting residence rooms to name a few.

“If I had come across SEF a long time ago, I would be very far by now, but I still thank God for how far I am now”, she said. The first goal she achieved was being able to purchase a geyser for her house and was able to change her floor tiles. What stood out during our visit was the changes she made in her bathroom with the new tiles and her new kitchen wall cupboard.

“My businesses are doing very well now because I am not focusing on only one business. I have also extended my house and built 3 more rooms to rent out and a garage. There are so many other goals that I wish to achieve with SEF. I would like to apply for a loan of R 21 000 from SEF so that I will be able to convert my current home into a business place and to build a bottle store”, she said.

Ms Mkhabele’s advice to anyone who wants to join SEF is to be very determined about what you want and be serious about your business and in that way you will get what you want out of your business.

Like Mkhabele, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

Are you as passionate as we are about micro-enterprise development? We're always looking to grow our team.