Gogo’s Story

Gogo Mokoena is a gifted seamstress and a long-standing SEF client from Shabalala village in Mpumalanga. She, with the help of SEF, turned her talent into a business venture, and today, her sewing business provides many with clothing, curtains and comforters. After several years of struggling to make ends meet, Gogo Mokoena joined SEF with the hope of expanding her business and improving the lives of her children, grandchildren and her own. “Before joining SEF, my business was struggling, as sometimes I did not have money to buy stock. After I joined, I began to sell more stock, I was able to send my grandchildren to school and I am currently finishing building my house. This centre started with a few groups and I am proud to be one of the clients who are still loyal to SEF.”

She is currently on loan cycle 21 and is taking out a loan amount of R10 000. She offers her customers the options of purchasing with cash and on credit, and she revealed that treating her customers with respect and love has been a significant contributor to the success of her business. When asked about the challenges she faces, she mentioned that because she sells some of her stock on credit, some clients do not pay on time. She however overcomes her challenges by being patient with her customers, and if they fail to pay, she then escalates the matter to the Chief, who resolves the issue. Gogo Mokoena is a well performing client in her centre, and is part of a close and supportive group who motivate and visit one another often. She saves every fortnight, repays her loans on time, and relies on her trusted group members to assist her whenever she is unable to repay her instalments in full. Certain groups in her centre however fail to match the standard of her group, which makes her fear that the organisation might close the centre down due to poor performance. “I will feel so heartbroken if SEF leaves this village because the people at SEF have changed my life for the better and I am where I am because of SEF.” When asked if she will ever leave SEF, Gogo Mokoena concluded “I will be a client at SEF till I die”, Gogo Mokoena replied.

Like Eunice, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

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