Kholiswa’s Story

Being a lifelong Cheletyuma resident and having been accustomed to a life of poverty, Kholiswa Damba never became complacent with her struggles, and was always set on bettering her life. Upon hearing and learning about SEF, she grasped at the opportunity and was dedicated to making the most of it from the very start. Kholiswa shared that she has been able to achieve the unimaginable throughout the three years that she has been a member of SEF. She revealed that her secret to success has been perseverance and patience. Although in the three years that she has been a member, she has qualified for much larger increases in her loan amounts, Kholiswa, having never taken a loan amount greater than R3500, has always been logical in how she ran her business, and strategic in her money management. Kholiswa was motivated to continue with SEF after realising the gains she reaped at the end of her first loan cycle, upon realising just how profitable her business was.The aspect of convenience was extremely valuable to her because it allowed her to work any time in the day, in the comfort and convenience of her own home. Given that transport is one of the most notable challenges that the people of Cheletyuma face daily, eliminating that worry by running her hair salon in the village was the saving grace for several women and children in the community.

Besides location, marketing is yet another valuable aspect to the business that she manages to achieve in the most effective and least costly way possible- through wearing her own hairstyles. She further joyfully added that in December 2017, she ventured into a new area of business that she is similarly passionate about- fashion. She shared her excitement about having gone to Johannesburg to buy stock of clothing that she will now start to sell to her clients, to generate an even greater income for herself.

A crucial element to Kholiswa’s success story is her commitment to success. She has remained dedicated to her obligation to save, usually surpassing the stipulated savings requirements by injecting as much as R200 into her savings account on certain fortnights. She has managed to accumulate a savings balance of over R3600 in a single year. Of all that she has managed to achieve with her savings, the three accomplishments that she crowns above the rest, are building and furnishing a new 5 room home for herself and her daughter, building external rooms in her yard for her brother and sister to live in, and lastly, moving her daughter to an urban school.

Like Eunice, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

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