Mankge Story

Patience Mankge, 25, is part of the Relebele group of the Maseven Centre. She joined SEF recently after hearing about the organization from a friend. She is among the younger generation of clients, and she is pioneering the next era of SEF through the power of embracing youthfulness and technology!

Mankge is the founder and owner of Wandy PnPatie Online Collection, an online fashion boutique and cosmetics line. She sells her products through Facebook (now Meta), Marketplace and WhatsApp Business. Mankge started her business long before joining SEF. She requires a 50% deposit from customers before fulfilling their orders to go purchase their items from her suppliers. Mankge has secured a fixed relationship with trusted suppliers and utilizes her loan to acquire her cosmetics.

Mankge would love to see more unemployed youth join SEF, but acknowledges that the youth are playful and may not maximize on the opportunity that SEF provides. She suggests SEF make a youth focused program that educates the youth on ecommerce and capitalizing on the opportunities that technology presents for entrepreneurship. She says she would really like to learn about Shopify and Takealot and how to sell on these platforms and believes other youth would too. Mankge says, “Most of the youth know how to use smart phones and social media. They can also use it for their business”.

Mankge has had her business since the beginning of the pandemic and has seen great success. She has employed 15 people to assist her in the distribution of her products. She hopes to one day upscale her business and even own a boutique in a mall in a big city. The only challenges Mankge faces are debtors. “But they always pay up, I make sure of it”, she reassures.

Like Mankge, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

Are you as passionate as we are about micro-enterprise development? We're always looking to grow our team.