Lefa Story


Mrs M Lefa of Hatuwa group in Sonwabile, in Matatiele branch under area 43A, which is managed by Nontethelelo Mlobeli is one of the strongest and most independent woman you may come across. She is currently raising five children alone after her husband passed away in 2012. Two of her children are currently in university.

Having two children in university, with no one to assist with payments, has led her to join SEF. She realised that SEF could help her grow her current business.

As a single mother, Mrs Lefa has come across many challenges, which she has overcome. Not only had the current lock down due to COVID-19 affected her business but she had to deal with theft and the key items which she sold that brought in good money like cigarettes were stopped by government.

Mrs Lefa highlighted that she is grateful that SEF introduced her to savings. Her currently savings have helped her in this time of need; paying for housing essentials, children’s university fees as well as surviving the business theft she experienced.

She is thankful to SEF for allowing clients to take relaxed loan during May, as this helped to lessen stress.

“I will never leave SEF because the organisation has helped me to rebuild and restart my life again” she smiled.

Like Lefa, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

Are you as passionate as we are about micro-enterprise development? We're always looking to grow our team.