Francinah’s Story

Mrs Francinah Sedisho is a client of the Small Enterprise Foundation (SEF) who stays in Pampierstad, North West Province. She joined SEF in 2012 at Phatsima Centre 19CH. This Centre is facilitated by Sophy Sekhumise, a Development Facilitator (DF) from Taung Branch.When she joined SEF, she was staying in a two roomed house, handed out by the late former Bothutatswana homeland President Lucas Mangope during his ruling. She was sharing the two rooms with her late husband and 12 other family members at that time and used to earn a living by selling fish, peanuts, fruits and vegetables at the taxi rank.

Nowadays, Francinah has managed to build herself a nine roomed house. She managed to do it with the profits she is getting from SEF’s business funding. She says life was tough before she joined SEF, but after SEF was introduced to her, her home enjoys peace finally.

She now considers SEF like a husband who takes care of her family. Currently, she has taken a loan of R25 000 from SEF. With certainty, she will go for even larger loans in the future, since she has been taking loans of R22 000 several times until R25 000 loans were introduced. She praises SEF for changing her life and encourages other women to join SEF and work hard, if they want to change their lives.

Francinah thanks SEF for being the answer to her poverty questions. She is well known by the statement of “I am not scared of a rich person anymore”.

Like Johana, many of our clients are skilled entrepreneurs just lacking the capital to get started. A little credit goes a long way towards helping these women reach their full potential.

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