Dudu’s Story

What is your name and when did you join SEF?

My name is Dudu Thabethe. I joined SEF in 2013. I was one of the first clients when SEF started operations in my area. I even participated in the PWR that was conducted at that time.

Tell us about your Centre.

I am the chairperson of Thuthukane centre in Nhlazatshe, Mpumalanga South Zone. I am proud to say that my centre has been the strongest since 2013 and now it is the second in Elukwatini.

How have you benefited from SEF?

With the help of SEF I have achieved a lot. I am a proud traditional healer. I use my loan to stock my herbs from far and this helps my business a lot. I was once the ‘weakest client’, as my business was still establishing and I wanted to drop out, but my Development Facilitator (DF) and Branch Manager (BM) motivated and encouraged me not to. I thank them wholeheartedly. I am now the best Chairperson in my area.

Can you share with us some of your achievements?

I have achieved a lot since then: my last born child is at the University of Mpumalanga; although his studies are sponsored with a bursary, there is a certain amount that I contribute for his tuition. I managed to buy him a laptop and assisted him financially to get his driver’s licence.

The successes of our clients are our greatest source of pride as an organisation. Each micro loan removes one of the barriers standing between a South African woman and her potential.

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